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Helpful Tips

Valentines Day 

Who doesnt love flowers on Valentines Day?

...And what do you do a week later?


Vased Arrangements:

We all love flowers but sometimes We don't know how to take care of them.

If you recieved an arrangement in a vase, 

We recommend that you pull the arrangement out with your hand grasped around 

the stems; holding them in place.

Please have a clean vase, add fresh water and flower food into it.

Insure that you cut your stems with a sharp utensil, either a knife or scissors at an angle; only taking about 2 cm off, and then place arrangement back into the vase.

After doing this, if flowers still seem to be wilting or dying, remove them to help prevent other flowers from dying. 

Foam/ Container Arrangements:

If you recieved an arrangement where foam was used, you can water the foam as you would with a plant;

you may also add flower food to the water.

Always check to see if the foam is wet so the flowers can drink.

If you have found any flowers that seem to be wilting or dying, pull them out of your arrangement.

Wilting flowers will absorb water trying to save themselves and may cause the other flowers to not get enough water, reducing their living



If you ever have questions about arrangements, plants, or anything else flower related, please let us know, we would love to help.

(208) 745-0051