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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning and Redecorating

Why do we do it?

Spring've probably have done it, know about it, may love it or even hate it; but why do we do it?

Cleaning during the spring time roots itself from when people primarily used fireplaces to warm their homes during the winter.

During these times, houses got dirty from the soot, grime, ash, and other grunges around the home. The spring weather brought in fresh air, warm temperatures, and the feeling of becoming more active leaving the multitude wanting to "wipe away winter". Hence fort, we created "spring cleaning" as a chance to renovate the cleanliness in the home, as well as to feel renewed as families and as individuals. 

Redecorating is another form of cleaning. Redecorating can lead to "Feng Shui" which is a "Chinese metaphysical and quasi-philosophical system that seeks to harmonize individuals with their surrounding envirmoments." (wikipedia,feng shui). In short terms, Redecorating can lead to feeling like a new, revised, person just by moving and organzing your homes differently.