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Balloons are the Best


One of our most asked question...Do you have balloons?


To answer the question; Yes, Floral Classics do have balloons. We offer a wide variety of mylars and latex balloons.

We also offer the option of customers being able to bring in their own balloons and letting us fill them. 


Fun Facts:

Mylar or foil balloons are great for saying Happy Birthday, Good Luck, Congratulations, and so much more!

However sometimes these wonderful gifts seem to shrink as soon as you go outside. Mylar balloons may shrink sometimes due to the weather.

When it's cold it shrinks, when it's hot they expand back to their normal shape.


Latex balloons are a great gift that add a lot of color and awe to a gift.

We like to use something called hifloat which is a glue like substance we put in our balloons to help seal all small holes to prevent leaking

and to prolong the life of the balloons.

We highly recommend that you use the hifloat. It'll keep your balloons looking happy and full for a much longer time!