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Touch the Heart and Lift the Spirits


Smell is a big part of our lives, it alerts us when something is burning, it lets us know when our food is almost done, and it even reminds us on our memories.

Just like flowers, things with a good smell bring us a relaxing joy with every wiff.

Here at Floral Classics we've learned that smell is so important. 

To help spread a little more excitement, as well as leave a longer impression to the joy of a floral gift we have added in new bath bombs and salts.

These fun little add-ons bring an extra boost to any gift.


What's in Stock?

We now carry Lemongrass, Rose, Lavender, and Eucalyptus bath bombs. 

We also offer packages of multiple types of bombs that have a keepsake jewel hidden in one of these fun filled fuzz creators.